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I started Wine-Journal 10 years ago today. 4th June 2003.

To celebrate what has been an eventful journey, I am resurrecting the old site for a special, one-off article looking back over the last decade, recalling its modest beginnings and everything it led to, plus a few things I have learned along the way. And in Wine-Journal fashion, it seemed appropriate to recount the ten best bottles that I have encountered, the ten finest tastings or dinners, plus of course, the ten best albums and songs released during the last 10 years. These will appear here for just a few days before finding a mooring on Wine-Journal (eRP).

Though I am full-time contributor to The Wine Advocate, Wine-Journal thrives as an independent part of www.erobertparker.com. It is presently home to over 750 articles, approximately 32,000 tasting notes and 120 "Albums of the Month". I have re-booted Wine-Journal temporarily here as a gesture of gratitude to all those that have helped me along the way, both before and after I joined The Wine Advocate, and beyond.
Please enjoy!