In The Beginning...Vinexpo 2003

"Vinexpo" is the biannual mother of wine exhibitions, a week of libation that culminates with a grand banquet held at an elected estate. In 2003, the venue could only be Mouton-Rothschild, who were celebrating their 150th anniversary. After returning from Bordeaux, I was bored by the stultifying atmosphere of the office. Recalling my adolescent ken for writing, rather than play Solitaire or waste time looking up ex-girlfriends on FriendsReunited, I chose to write up my impressions of the previous week and it formed the first article that I composed for my newborn website, whose umbilical cord had only recently been cut from my dreams.

The original article was, to put it prosaically, "a bit crap" although it did have its humorous moments and glib remarks that somewhat presciently, were remarked upon by the Main Forum on Robert Parker's website. Instead of my daily dribble of traffic that comprised of me and my inquisitive mum, I was unexpectedly deluged with 140 strangers poking their noses into my world. Even more surprisingly they made the odd appreciative comment. It gave me the impetus to start writing a diary that I commenced writing daily just a few weeks later.